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(Part Two)






This town with the fascinating name has two very special things about it in particular
One is the cathedral, with its many gargoyles and other delightful figures that adorn the many little towers and niches on its exterior
The other is the boatride, which we shall come to in a moment
I wish I could have seen each each figure on the cathedral at close range, but the cathedral is huge
For me these great churches in Europe are wondrous, each one looming into sight as something out of the fairytales I loved so as a child
Walking toward it, we came upon a puppet show
The park was filled with children, and this wonderful older woman, standing straight and proud and looking like a queen beside her bicycle
Bicycles are the transportation of choice in Holland
Remember, most of it is below sea level, and the land is flat


In Holland people travel often by train
It's economical, since passages didn't have to be dug through great mountainsides, as they are here in the states
When one steps off a train, one is often greeted by many bicycles
Some are locked or chained to a fence
But many are simply there, and visitors hop on one and explore the town, then leave it at the station when they are ready to go on their way
Americans think of themselves as uniguely free, but there are many ways to be free


And here is the cathedral itself
The name of the cathedral is St. John's
It is so lovely inside, with a royalty of its own



I had promised my youngest daughter Jamie
I would light a candle in each cathdral I found, whenever I had a chance.
Her lit candle is at the right in the bottom row



To a cafe for a glass of wine
And then a meander through the lovely, quaint old streets

See the arch on the right-hand photo?
It is an introduction to one of the loveliest boatrides you have ever known
A slight exageration?
See what you think

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