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So named because I did this etching with my teacher in mind. Of course, with etchings, one can make any amount of prints, so I was able to give her one. I would dearly love to have the equipment necessary to etch, (I did most of these by sneaking into a classroom at night, except for Pour Vous.) The presses are very expensive, and I would prefer not to have the acids in my studio. (or home)


The first; simplistic. The second: simple and lovely. The third: an interesting experiment. Here I had put printing ink on a plate of glass, then squeezed it onto etching paper and pressed it under several books. I encouraged just the umbrella and the mountain to get an actual picture out of the abstract left from the printing. And I stuck a face in.


The first, quietly lovely. The second, meaningless but pretty, and the third, meaningful but overworked; a struggle with my plate.


Two simple stylizations with an old fashioned lady in between. Perhaps she's waiting for a bus.



The first etching here is from Buddhist lore. I call my version Devilghost.The second, Angel Wings, is a very simple thing I did for a child. I apologize for the faintness of the picture, but this is what it says:

an angel sitting on a fencepost
found its wings askew
and asked the cat
if he might cause the air to move
just a tiny bit
for the small amount of time
that it would take to make them straight again.
the cat said "yes,"
but only because he wanted to see the violet petals move.
now the violet petals knew themselves to be
angel wing staighteners
in the art of Zen.
so before the cat could move
they moved them
with the tiniest breeze ever
which was sailing by.
it was just enough.

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