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( With digital photography, one can afford to take enough photos to come up with the occasional shot that is almost perfect)



The two pink rose-like flowers at the top are Angelique Tulips. The tiny purple and orange harbingers of spring underneath are Crocuses, and the pale yellow is Narcissus. (Daffodils are a kind of Narcissus.)



The bright red, tall, proud Tulips are closed for their nighttime portrait. Their satin texture is exquisite. Next to them are purple Hyacinths with fragrance indescribable.



Peeping out from behind the log that reaches to the kitty door in the "powder room" window, are an unusual species of Tulip, small and coy. Next to them is the poor man's Orchid: the common garden Iris. How lovely the grace of the flowing petals, with the little caterpillar-like fluffs peeping out.



Then more of the little Tulips, with white and orange Daffodils on the right

And at the bottom, more Tulips; red and yellow. Next year, with a little time and luck, there will be more variety here on this page.





I didn't have an opportunity to photograph the Dogwood, Azalias and Lilacs this year, but a branch of my son's Ashe Magnolia tree with its huge leaves and bud, and its wonderfully fragrant blossom, makes a fine finish.

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