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The blue and white paintings in the background were too big to store so I asked Mike to burn them, (well, what else can you do when you run out of space?), so being a practical treeman he used them as windbreaks. Work fine.) The "playhouse" is full of lawn chairs waiting for the Summer Party. Isn't the playhouse charming? There are nursery rhyme illustrations on the inside walls..many little girls have had empty teacups full of tea in there.


The beautiful tree in the left hand photo was planted there by Nick, the friend who invited us to his house-warming in Chios_____Our house is large, so as you can see, the evergreen in the the right hand photo is a very tall tree.

Winter is a difficult time for most northerners. All fall this year was strangely warm, pretending as hard as it could that people cause "global warming." Then came January and February; a nightmare for almost the entire country. Many died, from avalanches, wrong turns, some just sitting at home minding their own business. Our very long drive didn't get plowed as the neighbor's plow picked this winter to give up the ghost, so we've been in here for a week. The propane company made a billing error and didn't bring our propane until we were so filthy from not being willing to bathe in ice-water that our bodies walked by themselves. I was lucky. I had just had a minor operation before the snow fell, and the antibiotics kept me asleep much of the time. Mike lost a day of work keeping the woodfire going. Fun, fun, fun!


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