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On the Bus

not when I found him
already gone though his heart still beat,
not on the sofa
when I couldn't bear the bed
not while discarding all the dead flowers,
not until after two months of pain,
not until the bus trip to the city,
to find myself again,
did I know he had awakened from the dream.


If it will make it easier,
Go ahead and believe.
Believe that when you die,
Being born and dying are
Just a part of something else.
Believe that if you've done bad things,
You'll have a chance to make things better.
Believe that when you've hurt someone,
Later they'll understand.
They've hurt someone too.
After all, it doesn't do
Any harm to believe.
So go ahead, and it will make things better.

The Accident

Pieces of car,
And body bags
Marked the place
Where the helicopter landed;
Its lights sparkling
In the dark night.

Shunted onto a side road,
We told each other stories
To forget what we had not seen.

The Blue Coat

So becoming;
The lovely blue coat.
But it's disappeared!
Was it eaten by a cow?
I've looked inside a cave-

I'm feeling very grave now!
I've just rhymed "cow" with "coat"!
How now, brown goat!

The Whole Of It

God is what
There's nothing but.

The Square of Light

From my chair
In the semi-darkened room
I see, besides the fire
In the stove,
(and the music, which
I hear, as well,)
A light square on the floor.
A bag! A plastic bag!
It has fallen on the floor.

I go to pick it up.
But it is light.
There is simply no excuse,
Or reason, or explanation
for the square of light
On the floor.
So, kneeling down,
I rest my face
In the square, and lo!

Through a tiny window in the door,
Shines the full moon,
I stand and walk to the door,
And look at the moon, the face
The moon, into the moon,
And from me falls all of the why
Of my being there
In a semi-darkened room.


Here in a life of fifty years
Of not being alone
Was you.
You filled the void.
I believed it all, every single word;
And it was gone.
You speak of bubbles.
Do you really know
What a broken bubble is?


Stand Together With Flags Unfurled.
Terrorists Will Unite The World!

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