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Central Park

City spires standing against a cloudless sky.
In the park the carousel sings child songs.

Ducklings swim, the pond ripples.
Over there an upside-down horse rides by
Blue suit, gold buttons; gleaming in the sun.

Ice-cream vendor, paper stuck to sticky fingers, licky sugar world.
Water fountain rescues mother's new white gloves.

The Common Denominator

I am the common denominator
Eating my cheese soufle.
Serving my husband
And Jamie's little friend
A Scotch-English soup
Containing maize and tiger-lily bulbs.
Planning to write to my Roshi.
Hoping I'll remember not to.

California Rhineskeller Mosel


Ave Maria,
Order Jerry Vale.
My sister Eileen,
Chairman of the women's League,
Creates international incident in Brazel.
I've got orders
From the State Department
In Washington.
All the unfortunate people were
Involved in the incident
For having so little
confidence in themselves.
She's a beautiful woman
Who has had many lovers.
So of course
She's very proud.
She knows how enlightened she is.
And she knows that she hasn't found out yet.


Each word a symbol for a concept.
One of the words is "I."
It is a symbol for a concept.
The concept begins when "I"
Begins to take shape from our environment.
The enironment includes
Our externality.
The way in which our bodies behave
Begins to shape our concept of "I."
We confuse,--or enjoy, or__
What do I really know about me?
How long can I ask?
Can it be thought out?
(Now isn't the time to try.)
Why not?
Because it's late, And I've had too much
California Rhineskeller Moselle.

The Pantry Shelf Is Cleared

The pantry shelf is cleared
The last dear loaf been eaten.
The billion year fall and winter rolls around.
But then--
How will the seed be sown
For the lovely garden that I know will bloom and bloom again?


On the floor,
Swirls of dust dance in the corner;
Someone opened the door.

A Prayer

All of you inside me who are afraid of death,
Stop your screaming!
All of you who are not afraid,
Bless my dreaming.



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