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On Napoleon's Island
He ordered Peach Melba.
It made him feel able.
which, backwards, spells Elba.

Drays full of salt pork
Yield one much lard:
Three feet of fat strips.
Dray backwards spells yard.

In the forest small droplets
Embellish the rue.
One knows when it's morning:
Wood, backwards, spells doow.


Gather rich forrest mushrooms
A potato or two.
Carrots, beef and some leeks:
Woods backwards spells sdoow.

Irish or Bouillabaisse
Garnished with rue
There's just no denying it
Woods, backwards, spells sdoow.

See? Now you try it. It's fun!

This class gets no vaccine?
Old Jonas would balk!
He rid us of polio.
Class backwards spells ssalc.

You want to get moving?
Best call a hack.
But tell the guy "forward!"
Cab backwards spells bac.

If you want to be left
Kind of holding the tab,
Then don't plan that theft.
Bank, backwards, spells knab.

Parked on this bench,
I'm caught in a trap.
I can't be genteel,
Park, backwards, spells krap.

Quarters and ducats
Don't often get cracked,
But are put into piles.
Ducats backwards spells stacud.

Lighting that joint
Can cause quite a spark!
Plainclothes can be testy.
Crank, backwards, spells knarc.

Hemis or atmos
Celestial or near
Even on Patmos
Reefs, backwards, spells sfeer.

Defined: "to send forth",
And intended to rhyme,
Temporarily strategic,
Emit, backwards, spells time.

Fine customed brandy
Served to a mob,
Reminds the stained dandy,
Bols, backwards, spells slob.

Hockey or swizzle
In a drink with a kick
Be it ice rink or drizzle
Kids backwards spells sdik.

Astigmatically awkward,
Or not much upsettin ya
Despite the old chalkboard,
Enter, backwards, spells retne.

Magicians and trained seals,
And dogs fetching sticks
Orange peel initials
Spell skirt backwards: Triks

Executives, tough guys,
Mizzes and Joe
Should note, as the word flies,
Work, backwards, spells krow.

When tugging at heartstrings,
Don't be a glut,
Too much can be sickening,
Tug, backwards, spells gut.

They're not made of straw,
They're not made of quartz.
So what the heck are they?
Straw, backwards, spells warts.

best friend

end of Part One


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